How to Report lost items:

If you lost any stuff which includes but not limited to, purse, cell phone, pen drive travel bag, toy electronic and household items. Y ou can use this page to report that.We have a lot of success stories of tracing lost Pan card, Marksheet, passport etc. This is a free service just to help people finding their lost items.All items posted will be sent to Admin for review. This is just to ensure no useless information is submitted.Once admin review you post and approve it. You can view you post under item list section. you can also view the lost ot found items other users have submitted. But your cannot see their personal information like phone number or email id. Similerly no one can see your personal information.

How to view your post:

To view your post you need to be loggedin into the application. This is to prevent unauthorized access to the information. you can register with you phone number that you have used in you post and select a password. While registering, secret question and Answer will help you to recall you password, incase you forget your password.

Editing the post:

You can edit your you post by registering at the website. If you edit the application it will goto admin for review. Once admin approved it , you can view it.